Orienteering Course

Orienteering is a fun and engaging activity that involves navigating using map and compass.  Ground UP Adventures has brought this activity right to the heart of the Grand Cities with the addition of a semi-permanent orienteering course.  Jim Grijalva, Vice President of Ground UP adventures and master orienteer has set twenty-five check points (called CPs, shown in the photo at right) throughout the Greenway areas of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks. Maps are instructions are included below, so budding orienteers can download them and, along with a compass, begin their quest to track down all the CPs!  Each CP is labelled with a code word - find all the CP's and write all the code words next to the correct CP on your map.  Then send the maps to us and we'll enter you in a semi-annual drawing for cool prizes like a Ski and Bike gift certificates, pairs of movie tickets, Swiftwick Socks (you might need a new pair if you find all the checkpoints!), sweet Ibex ENDracing shirts, or Hydroflask water bottles (the best bottles ever!). 

Points will be changed annually so get your friends together now and GO ORIENTEERING! 
GUP O-Course map
Please report missing CPs by emailing groundupadventures AT gmail DOT com.